Camisoles are pieces great for staying in or going out. They come in lace, satin, cotton and just about any material you can find. Worn tastefully (that means keeping your assets covered and not looking like you're ready for bed when you're out on the town), these can be some of the hottest tops around.
  • First things first. You can wear them with or without a bra. Often, camisoles come with built in shelf bras, so you can opt to go with a strapless bra underneath if you're larger chested, or with no additional bra at all. If you're wearing a satin or silk number in public, keep in mind this style looks best with a seamless strapless bra underneath.
  • Layers: The beauty of a cami is that it is an essential layering piece. One popular look is to wear two at once in complementary colors--with blue jeans, yoga pants, shorts or a skirt. You can also wear one under a long-sleeved boatneck t-shirt so the straps--again in a complementary color--pop.

Wear a button-up shirt unbuttoned over a cami for a classic, casual look. For work, wear a camisole underneath a blazer or sweater for a pop of color, and, if it's lace or satin, a bit of subtle sex appeal and femininity. Wearing the cami that way makes it easy for you to go from work to happy hour, too--just remove the blazer or sweater, take down your hair, and touch up your make up.

  • For working out: these will go well with yoga pants, short shorts and can even be layered over a racerback sports bra.
  • With pajamas: cotton camisoles are some of the most comfortable things to sleep in. Sleep in them with just your panties, or slip on some simple pajama bottoms. Make sure the straps aren't too tight before you curl up in bed, though; otherwise you may wake up with irritated skin.